For the version on TrackMill and other gaming sites please see TrackMill Standalone 2

Coloraze is a half platform and half puzzle game where the player controls a wheel and navigates various obstacles before reaching the finish. The original version, released on February 8, 2007, gathered a fair audience on, with a profound quantity of comments during the dates on and following the release.


  1. Arrow Keys
  2. Up n' Jump
  3. Fallin' Down
  4. Can You Make The Jump?
  5. Where's The Stairs?
  6. The Arrows Lie
  7. Color Coded
  8. On, or Off?
  9. Colored Stairs
  10. All Together
  11. Goodbye Arrows
  12. Einy Meiny Miny Mo
  13. Temptation
  14. Not Right Away
  15. Empty Space?
  16. A True Lock
  17. Multiple Keys
  18. Broken Floors
  19. Locked Out, or In?
  20. Prime Hunter
  21. Trickery
  22. Centered
  23. Detours
  24. Lock and Key
  25. NLinear
  26. TowerLabyrinth
  27. Exposure
  28. Invisaball
  29. Confusion
  30. Linear
  31. Don't Go Blue
  32. Complications
  33. Too High?
  34. Through the Rabbit Hole and Back
  35. Look Before You Leap

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