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Cornelias's new avatar.

I (wiki account: Mɐwtwo) am a map creator of coloraze and I was the one that created this page

About me!Edit

I am currently 12, I am a Homo sapiens sapiens specimen with XY chromosones, and I am a part of this wiki. I am interested in: SEGA, NINTENDO, and Coloraze.

Extra Info!Edit

  • Cornelias is at the 5 of the highsсore board as of 31/05/02014, with almost 7.50 scores. Is currently rekt by Muzik
  • I like Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • I am best friends with Muzik Bike :D. <3
  • I produce levels for entertainment, and to share glitches, I currently have posted 17 levels.
  • I am the only one on TM that has over 2.0 scores!
  • My name is Miles Turner (refer to me as the Tailsure of life).
  • I am younger than Lesha, oriole01, Ghoster Boy, kinger45, and Muzik Bike
  • I was become Coloraze Pro.
  • I know somebody who has reached 1200 in March and I think his name is Muzik Bike :D or something like that (it occured).

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